1930's Man
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"Well, isn't that a hoot."





Times Dead


The 1930's Guy was a character with a very brief cameo appearance in the episode, Steakosaurus. He was the 1st person that Red & Blue saw after activating the time machine that they rented from Raccoon. The only thing that he said when he saw the 2 was "Well, isn't that a hoot?", and walked away. Afterwards, Red & Blue just time traveled someplace (or sometime) else. Nothing else is known about the man, except that it's implied that he's dead, simply from old age. Because of this,he'll never appear in a Dick Figures episode unless its the 2nd zombie related episode.(The first being Zombies & Shotguns). He's a greyish color, due to movies in the 1930's usually being black & white.