Mash (brother) and Earl Grey (father)


Batman and Bloser



Times Dead


Bangers is a villainous side-kick character in Dick Figures. He is the son of Earl Grey and the brother of Mash. He is yellow-brown, as a beard and wears a little hat on his giant head. Just like his brother, he looks like a giant gorilla (with small legs and big arms) and he also has a big British accent, since his father is also British. He stated to he and his brother are stupid people and that they don't have feelings, but he has gorilla strength power.


The Fart Knight Rises

He only appears in this episode, alongside his brother, where he helps his father to steal all the Olympic gold medals at the stadium in London, Great Britain. However, Batman (Red) and The Bloser (Blue) arrives to stop them. With his brother, Bangers fights The Bloser in the stadium. At first, Bloser tries to defeat them using his emo rays, to make them feel sad, but it doesn't work and they take the edge of the battle. Suddenly, Earl Grey drops his cup of tea and Bloser manages to grab it. He then kills Mash, his brother, with the cup of tea. With the death of his brother, Bangers gets really sad and Bloser uses this sadness to use his emo ray on him and killing him for good.


  • He is one of the only character to look like a gorilla, besides his brother, Mash.

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