Do my dirty work!






Earl Grey (master)

Times Dead

Number Unknown (debatable)

Butlers are minions of Earl Grey who help him in all his evil plans by fighting the heroes Batman and Bloser. They all came in different sizes or form (little, normal or with mustaches). They seem to be very weak since they get all beaten really easily by Batman and are vulnerable to the Bloser's power of Depression, seeing that they all cry when they get striked by it. Although Earl Grey was defeated and killed, one minion (known as Gerald Butler) was able to survive and flee to plot his revenge in Pleasure Cruise. Even though all the events, Earl Grey manages to come back in The Fart Knight Rises with his butlers once again, but only 6 of them appear in this episode.


Adventures of Batman & The Bloser

They appear after Earl Grey attacks Batman and The Bloser, when Earl Grey tells them to do his dirty work. They all fight both Batman and The Bloser, but they all get easily defeated towards the end of the episode and when Batman kills Earl Grey, they don't appear afterwards.

The Fart Knight Rises

This time they appear with jet packs and mustaches, after Batman's ship blows up. As Batman is falling, Earl Grey summons only 6 of his butlers to go after him on the sky. However, Batman tells his partner Alfredberry, who had a bazooka, to help him. Alfredberry shoots a missile towards the butlers and the missile then separates to 6 different missiles and destroys all the butlers. They don't ever appear afterwards.