This is the list of the former clean-up crew of Dick Figures.

Kris Lacore-Toscanini

Kris L. Toscanini is a clean-up artist for W!lDBRAIN and Ghostbot.

Nikki Pointius

Trevor Tamboline

Angrea Edmonds

Todd Jacobsen

Jon Lambe

Sara Anderson

Dave DiMatteo

Miri Yoon

Dean Yuen

Randy Sanchez

Ilan Hatukah

Ilan Niebuhr Wexio Hatukah is a Danish animator, clean-up artist & storyboard/layout artist. He works for A. Film in Denmark, Walt Disney Animation Studios & Picnic Pictures in USA & Cartoon Saloon in Ireland.

Camille Stancein

Casey Mitchum

Robert Tyler

Wantana Martinelli

Fitzy Fitzmaurice

Jamaica Dyer

Shawn Palmer

Susan McKinsey-Goldberg

Eric J. Abjornson

Christine T. Mallouf

Stephaine Oliveri

Dagan Moriarty

Mary Moriarty

Mary is a Irish animator who currently works in Picnic Pictures (additional clean-up services for Dick Figures) as a clean-up artist.

Tao Huu Nguyen

Domingo Hidalgo-Polvani