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Cybertime Systems
Cybertime System
Internet and Shit


Internet Crash

The Cybertime Systems made its appearance in Modern Flame War 3, where it's purpose is to distribute, provide & restore Internet connectivity to Internet users of the world. This is a parody version of the terminator movie Facility Cyberdyne System. There's a also a Break room, where the technicians take their breaks to go eat, and a "Secret Control Room", where it shows how much internet is being use around the world. Stacy is known to work there (unknown if current). It's top customer/user appears to be Red since he was using 99% of the world's internet to download porn.

It's unknown why there's still Internet even though there was a large explosion at the facility when Stacy & Red united, maybe it was repaired, or maybe Red's connection was turned off .


  • Somehow, the rest of Cybertime systems buildings burn down just because Blue, Red & Jason killed everyone in the Break room.


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