Der (Dick Figures)




Possibly Dead




Red & Blue

Times Dead


Der is a minor character from the series Dick Figures. He is an alien that's only appearance (so far) is in Planet Asshole where he visits earth with another alien called Eulb. Der's favorite food is burritos, or as he calls them, "food tubes". He says that he has been searching the galaxy for food, and that burritos were the most delicious thing in the galaxy. Der is an alienated version of Red, considering he is the color red and Der is Red spelled backwards. Der is presumed to be dead, as he and Eulb get hit by a meteor while flying away from earth in their UFO. He also has an autotuned voice. He is the second character who speaks with an autotuned voice (the first being the Autotuned Bee, and the second one being Eulb).

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