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Dick Figures: Season 2 Soundtrack

Dick Figures Season 2 Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Dick Figures Season 2 availble on iTunes. The album costs $2.99 plus the Digital Booklet and 99 cents per individual track. It features the background music of Season 2 composed by Nick Keller and Ed Skudder, as well as the song Bath Rhymes.

The soundtrack is available on iTunes here:

Track list

1. Opening Credits Theme

2. Android Symphony 

3. Rock Zombie 

4. Blue's Campers

5. Red's Campers

6. Genie Jam

7. Lord Tourettes is Sad

8. Hunt for the Hat

9. Maul Santa

10. Turtle Love

11. Shawshanck Red-Emption

12. Fang Angels

13. Captain Red Rum

14. Forever Alone 

15. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Red

16. Indiana Jones & the Last Poo-Sade

17. Copulation 

18. Our Prayer Remix

19. Opening Credits Theme (Alternate)

20. Bath Rhymes


  • This is currently the second best selling Dick Figures soundtrack on iTunes.

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