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Dick Figures Season 3 Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Dick Figures Season 3, it is available on iTunes and Nick Keller's Official Website. The album costs 4.99 USD on iTunes and Nick Keller's Website as well each track costing 0.99 USD. It features background music from the third season composed by Nick Keller, as well as the songs PiñaColadaVille, Flip Cauldron Rockers and Lord Tourette's Nice Sprites featuring the voices of Nick Ainsworth, Ed Skudder (Voice of Red) and Ben Tuller (Voice of Lord Tourettes) respectively.

Track list

1. PiñaColadaVille

2. Batman & the Bloser

3. Teabagging Earl Grey

4. Real Men Play Poker

5. Broseph's Workout Mix

6. Baberonia

7. The Great Sword of Destiny

8. Kitten Fur

9. Lord Tourettes & the Fluffy Wuffy Bear

10. Party Down

11. Terminate-Her

12. Modern Flame War 3

13. Getting the Internetz Back

14. Homesick Aliens

15. Flip Cauldron Rockers

16. God Killer

17. One More Bar

18. Sarsaparilla

19. HMS Tragedy

20. Black and Blue

21. Ur Gonna Die

22. Lord Tourette's Nice Sprites (Dick Figures Remix)


  • This is currently the third best selling Dick Figures soundtrack on iTunes.

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