Elementary School
Elementary School 2


School that the characters attend

The elementary school is the setting of First Day of Cool. The episode features child versions of several main characters and some minor characters, including the Fat Ugly Girl, Jason, Pink, Stacy, and Broseph.


  • This may be the same school that Red almost destroyed in Taco Tuesday.
    Elementary School
  • This episode features the first introduction of Red into the series, as well as the establishment of Red and Blue's friendship.
  • Broseph stated that he was held back five years in school, which would make him a high school sophomore (10th grade).
  • Some insights are given towards character development of the main characters, such as Stacy's general slutty attitude and Blue's clumsiness.
  • This episode shows that Red was (probably) not born on Earth, and instead landed on Earth for a currently unknown reason.
  • This is the second time we see Mr. Dingleberry driving. The first time was in Losing Streakers.
  • This place was in the first five minutes of Dick Figures: The Movie.

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