Facester is a popular social networking site, very similar to Facebook (a popular social networking site), in the world of Dick Figures. The site is like Facebook in every way aside from minor differences. It only appeared once.

In Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada, it shows how Blue keeps refreshing his page in the hope that Pink will confirm that they're in a relationship. It shows she was currently online, meaning she deliberately wasn't confirming their relationship.

Blue's profile

Blue's Facester

Blue's Facester profile's the only Facester profile to ever be seen on the show. Blue only has thirteen friends on Facester (from Facebook standards, a very unpopular amount): Red, Pink, Lord Tourettes, Picard (a real person), and nine unknown, real people.

From what his profile shows there are multiple applications that Blue uses: Flame War Addicts, Closet Fang Angels, Blue Balls, Anonymous, V for Venkman, and Cork Soakers. He also was suggested two friends, Brent Spiner, and 6PH (Which stands for 6 Point Harness, this isn't a real person but a fan page made as a person page) both of which Blue had two mutual friends with. Pink's birthday party, and Picard's engagement were upcoming from whatever day it was when Blue checked his Facester.


  • Facester is a parody of Facebook.
  • A parody of Farmville can be seen to (Harmville).
  • Red, Blue and Lord Tourettes's facester profile pictures are the same with their Twitter profile picture

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