Flufferz was Red and Blue's pet hamster briefly seen in Butt Genie. He was shown at the very beginning of the episode, dying and pooping. He was pronounced dead, obviously after he voided his bowels (which is a sign of someone's death). He died right after he pooped out a magic lamp after being constipated for 10 seconds, which contained the magical Hamster Genie, who has the power to grant wishes. Red and Blue are then seen burying him.


  • He is the fourth realistic animal (not animated) to appear in the series (the first being The Raccoon, second being the Dragon turtle, third being Kitty Amazing.
  • When Blue was at first upset over Flufferz's death, it was hinted that he cared about Flufferz a lot, but when Blue was shown with Red burying Flufferz, he slightly says "See ya, fucker!", revealing that he never really cared about him at all.

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