Gelato's Momma
Gelato's mother (momma)






Gelato Bene (son) and Lord Tourettes (temporary(?) husband)



Times Dead


Voiced by

Zack Keller

Gelato's Momma is a minor character in Dick Figures. She's a large dark pink Italian woman & the mother of Gelato Bene. She wears a little skirt & she's very fat. Since she's fat, the woman has big breasts too. She first appeared in Taco Tuesday as the owner of a pizza shop, while her son works with her making pizzas & delivering them. Gelato's momma reappeared in Ballad of Lord Tourettes, where she appears without her son & meets Lord Tourettes. She even have sex and marries him, making him his husband (maybe temporary only).


Taco Tuesday

When Red & Blue go eat pizza at her restaurant, her son realizes that neither of them can pay for their lunch. She appears when Gelato goes to see her to tell her they can't pay. She tells them that they will have to make the pizzas for free. When Red & Blue finish their pizza, Gelato tells them that they don't need to cook it and that they should just deliver it right away. His mother then tells him that him that he never made a pizza that beautifful. She then hugs her son saying Ravioli, almost crushing him with her boobs. It's unknown what happened to her afterwards.

Ballad of Lord Tourettes

In this episode, she appears when Lord Tourettes saw her next to his window, saying that he only saw her tits. But then, he says that he was hoping that she would soon be on his balls, which gets Gelato's momma angry and decides to go away. Lord Tourettes then takes his guitar and plays a song for her, and since then, she fell in love with him. She then married him next spring and gets ready to even have sex with him. When Gelato's momma wanted to kiss him, Lord Tourettes then suddently drives crazy and starts insulting her saying that he will make her his bitch and fuck her really hard. She still had sex with him & seems that she was the first girl in Lord Tourette's life, since he was a virgin before he met her.


  • It's unknown whether she and Lord Tourettes are still married (probably not since Lord Tourettes has been around other women, for example in Real Dudes Bros Night Man, when he partied with 3 prostitutes & he even started spanking 1 of the prostitues' butt).
  • She's the video thumbnail for the episode Taco Tuesday.
  • She's the character with the biggest boobs.

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