Gerald Butler
Gerald Butler
Gerald's first and only appearance.






Earl Grey (master) and possibly the other butlers


Red, Blue, and all of the world secret agents

Times Dead



Pleasure Cruise

Voiced by

Eric Bauza

Gerald Butler is Earl Grey's last surviving minion, whose 1st (and only) appearance was in Pleasure Cruise. His plan was to plant a giant bomb inside the engine room of the cruise ship Red & Blue were on. The bomb explodes & sinks the ship, killing everyone (except for Red, Blue, Tedward, Stella & Shi Ba), but before that happens, Red kills Gerald by pulling a lever, releasing a huge crate to fall on Gerald, which kills him & leaves a bloody mess on the floor.


  • His appearance is way different from Earl Grey's other butlers. In Adventures of Batman & The Bloser, all the butlers had were just bow ties, but Gerald has a bow tie, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • He might be named after the famous Scottish actor with a very similar name, Gerard Butler.
  • He is an associate of Earl Grey.
  • He is the only butler that is named.


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