DFTM- Japan
Alright... here's Japan.


Japan is a country & 1 of the main locations in Dick Figures: The Movie. It's a very high-tech place surrounded by buildings, with various skyscrapers & advertisements in them. The population in Japan is very different, because it's inhabited by giant monsters (like Godzilla) & giant robots, controlled by the Japanese people & both can roam inside citites freely. The capital, Tokyo, is a very welcoming city & has many kiosks selling things like watermelons, ramen & other food. There are also several anime & video game references. Some of the Japanese folk can also change their faces anime style, like having shiny eyes or having a cat face. 

Japan also has many subways & trains, which are always full. Outside the cities, there are a lot of mountains & roads, along with restaurants like Ninja Sushi or dangerous old temples, like the Temple of the Great Sword of Destiny


It only appears in the movie, when Red & Blue 1st arrive in Tokyo on boat, in order to find the son of The Raccoon. After going through Tokyo, they finally arrive at his restaurant & after fighting him for a while, they're told that the sword's on the top of a mountain & both of them find the Temple guarding the weapon. 


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