Jason's Apartment
Jasons house


Modern Flame War 3

This is Jason's apartment. It 1st appeared in Y U So Meme, then made a 2nd appearance in Modern Flame War 3. It's in the same building as Red and Blue's Apartment in which the landlord is Mr. Dingleberry. Jason usually spends his time here gaming as seen Y U So Meme? & Jason's Mother seems to still take care of him since he still lives with her. Jason's room's filled with action figures, posters of mixed movie content, YouTube viral video mascots, and memes, making Blue to do the "Sweet Jesus" face in the episode Y U So Meme. In Ocho Muerte, Jason's apartment is now a floor under Red & Blue's apartment, as shown when Blue's making his way up a rain pipe, where Jason was watching some pictures of Olivia Wilde on the computer & was masterbating to it as the words fap fap started appearing around him.