Le Food
Trouble date 30
When I was in Paris, I had the most delicious bowl of-- Shit!


Blue's date goes wrong

"Le Food" is featured in Trouble Date, it's a very nice restaurant according to Pink. It mainly sells French food like Beef Bourguignion and French Onion Soup.


This is the place where Pink and Blue had their promised dinner and everything was perfect until Red and Stacy came into the restaurant and ate Pink and Blue's dinner and romantic dessert. The table is set on fire and Red and Stacy finally make out on the burning table.

Other dishes sold in Le Food are oysters, ice cream and probably steaks though for some reason they serve sushi though it's supposed to be a French restaurant.

This restaurant's staff seem to let certain stuff fly when Red and Stacy act in such improper ways in a public establishment.

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