Let's eat each other... out!


Pizza Delivery

Lez, a sorority that consists of only female members, appears once in Taco Tuesday as the area that Red & Blue need to deliver a pizza to after failing to pay for their meal at Gelato Bene's pizza shop. Gelato Bene describes them as, "drunk bitches", which is accurate as women are constantly seen making out with each other, & can also be emphasized by the several bottles of alcohol seen scattered on the tables.
Lez 2



Lez as Blue's car crashes through its ceiling in Taco Tuesday.

  • The women seem to regularly engage in sexual activities with each other, possibly specifically on Tuesdays, calling it, "Taco Tuesday".
  • The posters on the walls depict sexual parts of a woman's anatomy
  • 1 of the lesbians on the right (downright corner) can be mistaken to be Sarah Connors.
  • Several of the women resemble previous characters such as Stacy & Sarah Connors while it's very likely that neither Stacy or Sarah have ever attended the Sorority or made any prior reference to Lez.

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