Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends The Raccoon (husband), Son-san (son), Red, Blue, Pink
Enemies Ocho Muerte
Times Dead None
Voiced By Ed Skudder

Mama-san is a minor character in Dick Figures: The Movie, she is Raccoon's wife and Son-san's mother. She has been married to Raccoon for 10,000 years as told by Raccoon in the movie. She was presumed dead but came back when Ocho Muerte relased her after he was killed.

Since she and Raccoon are reunited, it's possible we may see Mama-san appear again throughout the rest of Dick Figures.


Mama-san first appeared in Dick Figures: The Movie in Raccoon's story where he gave her a Lotus Flower before he went to save Japan from the Takagami Demon Army. However it wasn't long before she was eaten by Ocho Muerte and was assumed dead. She later appears towards the end where she reunites with Raccoon after Ocho Muerte was defeated and realising she was only trapped by Ocho Muerte. She then gives her Lotus Flower to Blue and Pink. 

She is seen again in the episode Chick Figures serving as the gender bent version of Raccoon instead of only his wife. She was seen telling a guy that his buns are spicy like a sashimi and that she wants to see them "crap" ("clap" with a Japanese accent).

Episode Appearances


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