Bangers (brother) and Earl Grey (father)


Batman and Bloser



Times Dead


Voiced by

Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell

Mash is a villainous side-kick character in Dick Figures. He is the son of Earl Grey and the brother of Bangers. He is light-brown and wears a little hat on his head. Mash seems to be like a giant British gorilla who can only scream out random British words and people, such as "HARRY POTTER!" or "MARY POPPINS!". According to his brother, he is stupid and doesn't have any feelings, but he is also very strong as he can smash Blue (Bloser) in the ground easily with one punch. He is voiced by the famous YouTuber TomSka (creator of asdf series).


The Fart Knight Rises

This is the only episode where he appears, alongside his brother, Bangers. He helped his father, Earl Grey, to steal all the Olympics gold medals at the stadium, however, Batman (Red) and Bloser (Blue), arrives to stop them. Along with his brother, he fights The Bloser, while Batman fights Earl Grey. At first, he manages to smash Bloser into the ground with one punch, having the edge of the battle. Suddenly, Earl Grey drops his cup of tea and Bloser grabs the cup. He then throws the cup of tea at Mash, disintegrating him into ashes and killing him.


  • He is one of the only characters to look like a gorilla (small legs and long arms), besides his brother, Bangers.

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