Ocho Muerte




Dead (debatable)


Red (owner)


Blue, Pink, and Raccoon

Times Dead

1 (debatable)

Ocho Muerte is Red's pet octopus and somehow, an enemy of The Raccoon. He is shown to be very savage and frenzied, as he destroys everything in his path, like it shows in Ocho Muerte (Episode).


Ocho Muerte

This is when Ocho Muerte first appeared, being kept in the bathroom. When Pink tries to enter the bathroom, Ocho Muerte suddenly breaks out of the bathroom and starts to go berserk and destroy everything in the apartment. After some time, he tries to attack Pink, but she retaliates by hitting him with a broom, making him land on the window and crash into Blue, who was next to the window trying to save Pink. In the end, he wakes up and sees the Raccoon with a meat cleaver, saying that they met once again. It is unknown what happens afterwards.

Freshman 15

He only appears for a brief moment, in Blue's hallucinations when he was high on expired drugs. While Blue thinks he was in the water, Ocho Muerte appears and grabs his head.

Dick Figures The Movie

He appears in the movie, however this time not as a small little octopus, but a 100-feet monster. He is revealed here to be Lord Takagami's alter-ego, who has imprisoned Raccoon's wife, Mama-san for eternity, until Raccoon's father was finally defeated and Mama-san was at last set free.



  • He appears in Blue's "Robo Trip" when he was actually just flopping around in a kiddy pool, due to dousing himself with expired aspirin.
  • He only has six legs instead of eight, which an octopus actually has.
  • When translated, Ocho Muerte means "Eight death". This could explain his behaviour in Blue's apartment.

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