Raccoon's House
Ohco Muerte 48


Where Raccoon Lives

It is really unclear where Raccoon lives, but the episode of Ocho Muerte, Raccoon's house seems to be right across the street of Red and Blue's apartment. Also, In Robot Frog, he lived near Red and Blue's apartment before he was kicked out.


  • There are only a little amount of shots of Raccoon's house.
  • Raccoon prefers to have his home in the old culture of Japan and of a Samurai.
  • Raccoon does not seem to mind when people barge into his home.
  • He prefers to live alone.
  • Raccoon's refridgerator door has Pikachu from Pokémon, Godzilla, Nyan Cat's head, Water Drop, Anger Symbol, and letters that say, "H O N T O".
  • The Raccoon is only one building away from red and blue's apartment
Raccoon's House
Ohco Muerte 47

We meet again Ocho Muerte.

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