Red's Secret Porn Stash
Porn Stash
All this to hide your porn!?.


Red's Porn Magazine

Red couldn't find a weird site for porn, so he built a secret passage full of traps & hostile natives to hide his porn. Over time he's forgotten about his porn stash by forgetting about the map he ate to protect it. After taking a huge shit from many bizarre things he ate he notices the map & drags Blue on his quest to find his long lost porn.


  • Red most likely got the idea of a hidden passage from Indiana Jones since there's a poster of him after clearing the clothes pin trap.
  • Red has a strange taste in porn.
  • Due to his alien origins, Red can eat just about anything.
  • The 1st time we see Red's Secret Porn Stash, we haven't seen it since
  • Porn Stash 2

    They don't have the weird stuff.

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