Figured Out 41
Red and Blue's Kids are characters that appeared in Figured Out. They are the biological children of Red and Blue. Red, and Fat Ugly Girl both had one child while Blue and Pink had three. Red's kid was a ruby colored girl and Blue's three kids of which are a sapphire colored girl, a sky blue colored boy, and another boy who looks identical to him.



  • It would seem that Red and Blue are both heterogeneous for their colors as all of their children match only their colors and none of them are pink or purple.
  • This is the birth chronology of the kids: Cobalt, Indigo, Scarlet, and Lavender.
    • Cobalt and Indigo were born at the same time, making them twins. However, Cobalt came out first, technically making him the oldest by a few seconds.
    • Scarlet and Lavender were also born at the same time, but Scarlet was born first, which makes her older than Lavender.
  • A popular theory was that Red's kid and Blue's girl are Scarlet and Lavender from the past. They look just like them because of their colors, hairstyles, voices, and personalities. Basically, they act like female versions of Red and Blue and also have the same voices and similar personalities as Pink and Stacy.
    • In the Chick Figures episode Mighty Neckbeard, Red and Blue were seen in the background at the same time Scarlet and Lavender were adults. This contradicts with that theory because Red and Blue looked the same as they did back when they were still in their 20's, meaning they couldn't have had any children yet, especially if they were in their 20's as well. Red and Blue were also seen cheering when Lavender showed her tits. Definately not something two married men would do over a girl who was the biological daughter of one of them.
      • This however, could have been a visual gag, since Zack Keller confirmed on his website that Scarlet and Lavender were indeed their daughters.


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