The Shit Piss Fart Woods is 1 of the locations seen in some episodes of Dick Figures. It so far has appeared in 2 episodes & a teaser. It's 1st appearance was in Role Playas, 2nd was in the T-Shirt Teaser & 3rd was in Ballad of Lord Tourettes.



  • The Shit Piss Fart Woods also marks the 1st appearance of Lord Tourettes.
  • This place is possibly Lord Tourettes' favorite place & home, for in the Shit Piss Fart Woods' 3 appearances, Lord Tourettes shows up in all of them.
    SPFW in T-shirt Teaser

    Lord Tourettes with a Dick Figures T-Shirt in the Shit Piss Fart Woods.

  • As seen in Role Playas, the woods seem to also have 2 small houses (when Maroon & Cerulean pass them by after Maroon kills Lord Tourettes) & a tower that looks like a man's penis and also where Pinkcess was locked away in.
  • It's possible Lord Tourettes might've been the 1 who named the place while in his spazzed out state seeing as how it's quite unusual name for someone to name a woods "Shit Piss Fart".
  • It's possibly a fictional location since it has only officially been seen in Role Playas when Red & Blue were playing Dungeons & Dragons.