Sniper rifle
Sniper rifle

Used by

Blue and Jason

The Sniper rifle is a precise long-ranged weapon, with a scope on, used to kill enemies at long distance. When "Modern Flame War 3" came out, the sniper has now an auto-scope, which let you aim at another person and shoot him faster than a normal sniper.


Flame War

It is used by Blue, after arriving in the Maulmart, which he kills many enemies (off-screen) with it and kills one at long distance using his scope once. Afterwards, he tries to impress Pink by killing Mr. Dingleberry using his sniper, but fails.

Modern Flame War 3

In this episode, it first shows how the new sniper has now a auto-scope feature. It is used by Jason (Trollz0r) this time, when he arrives at the Cybertime Systems, killing two guards outside the gate, using the auto-scope. He then kills one technician with it, having is Rage Face on.


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