"Fire glitter? But, wouldn't that hurt me, too?"




Possibly Alive


Tedward (boyfriend)

Times Dead

1 (debatable)

Voiced by

Zack Keller

Stella is a minor character whose first appearance was in Fang Angels as a character from a movie Blue and Pink were watching. She is the girlfriend of Tedward and she as very depressing face. She reappears along with Tedward in Pleasure Cruise, where she doesn't appear in a Television show, but appears in real life, as Red and Blue watch them on the sea. So far, she was seen frozen along with her boyfriend and it is unknown if she died shortly after.


Fang Angels

In the animation clip at the end of the episode, Tedward tells Stella that he is a glitter man whose glitter is fire glitter. Stella asks him if that will hurt her and he replies by saying that it WILL hurt her, just like his heart. They agree that love is the most painful thing....ever. Then after that, they hug and start to tongue kiss.

Pleasure Cruise

In this episode, it shows that she and Tedward are real people who were on the cruise ship Red and Blue were on. After the ship sinks because of the giant nuke bomb Gerald Butler planted in the engine room of the ship, Tedward and Stella somehow survived the disaster. However, after a short conversation while floating past the unharmed Red and Blue on a piece of driftwood, they start making out as they sink to the bottom. Then on the other side of the screen, we see them in a block of ice floating away until they were finally off screen, still making out in the process.


  • She is obviously a parodic of the Twilight character, Bella Swan.
  • There has been no interaction seen between her and any main character.
  • In Fang Angels, when she hops up on Tedward she has no skirt, but in artwork of all the characters of Dick Figures when the Dick Figures Movie was fully funded she had a skirt.