Submachine gun
Automachine gun (Old)
A automatic machine gun in Dick Figures.

Used by:

Red, Blue, The Street Artists and some Mexicans

The Submachine gun is a small automatic gun, which shoots bullets really quickly, in the series of Dick Figures. It most likely Blue's signature weapon,since he was the only one using it in Modern Flame War 3 and used it any times. In the same episode, it shows how the graphics of the gun upgrades (round to square).


Flame War: The guns were first used by Red and Blue, when they recently arrived in the Maulmart trying to get the last copy of Flame War and kill anybody who wants it too. When Red discovers the last copy of the game with his binoculars, Red then switches to a pump shotgun and Blue to a sniper.

Modern Flame War 3: The gun makes a cameo in the new game of Modern Flame War 3, where it has better graphics to it. Afterwards, the submachine gun is only used by Blue in this episode, when he arrives at the Cybertime Systems along with Red and Jason. He uses it to murder severals technicians in the base to then restore the internet, and when red finds the perfect boobs, it is unknown where he left his gun.

The Red Devil: The gun is now used by the Street Artists, in Mexico, when they find Red, mistaking him for the Red Devil. When they arrive at the Warecasa with Red and Blue, they pull out the submachine guns to engage a war with the mexicans (who had also machine guns), who were guarding the burritos inside the building. After killing them, Red uses the guns once again to kill the Street Artists and steals the burritos for himself.


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