T-Shirts Must Be Destroyed
T-Shirts Must Be Destroyed
is a short episode of Dick Figures that is used to advertise the Dick Figures T-Shirts. In this episode, the Dick Figures T-Shirts destroy characters of the show because they are cursed and evil.


The Dick Figures T-Shirts starts destroying all the characters of the show.


(Lord Tourettes skips towards a Dick Figures T-shirt hanging from a tree.)

Lord Tourettes: Oh my! (laughs) Look at this beautiful T-SHIT!

(Time lapse. He's shown on the ground wearing the shirt.)

Lord Tourettes: (screams) Get... FUCK! it... FUCK! OFF! FU--

(Mr. Dingleberry is shown in his room with the T-shirt hanging next to him.)

Mr. Dingleberry: Ehh. Where did I put my shirt? (Looks around & spots the T-shirt.)

(Time lapse. Mr. Dingleberry is on the floor with the T-shirt on. A mutant worm comes out of his chest.)

Mr. Dingleberry: (sees the worm) Ah, there it is.

(Raccoon is shown wearing the T-shirt in front of a mirror.)

Raccoon: Me rike. Me rike a rot.(Raccoon's accent causes him to pronounce his L's into R's'.)

(Suddenly, he bursts into flames.)

Raccoon: Wa, ah! FIYARUU! (Fire in Japanesse accent.)

(Stacy is shown at a clothes shop with the T-shirt. Her hair is back in pigtails.)

Stacy: (ditsy voice) Oh, my God! These shoes are so cute.

(There is a front outside view of Maulmart. Suddenly, it explodes.)

(Red is running towards Blue while screaming. He is also wearing the T-shirt.)

Red: I can't get it off me & I don't even know what it is!

(Red falls to the ground while trying to get the T-shirt off.)

Blue: No. No! What've we done?!

Red: This T-shirt was made by SATAN! (Continues screaming.)

Blue: (to the viewers) You have to buy all the shirts so no one else gets hurt! (Runs toward the camera.) Tell everyone: Buy all the shirts! Buy them all & destroy them! Nooooowwwww....

(The screen becomes static, then the T-shirt is shown in an exploding background. The text says "DICK FIGURES T-SHIRTS. NOW AVAILABLE. ONLY AT SPENCER'S.")



  • Lord Tourettes appears to be in the Shit Piss Fart Woods.
  • For some reason, Stacy has her old appearance (purple with pigtails) back. This could mean her new appearance (magenta with a new haircut) from Modern Flame War 3 was just temporary.
  • Stacy calls the T-shirt shoes.
  • When the worm-like creature bursts through Mr. Dingleberry's chest, it's a reference to the movie, Alien.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Lord of The Rings.


Dick Figures T-Shirts Must Be Destroyed!00:55

Dick Figures T-Shirts Must Be Destroyed!

Dick Figures T-Shirts Must Be Destroyed!

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