Temple of the Great Sword of Destiny
DFTM - Chapter 4 Clip 4
A splinter? This place may be dangerous after all


Finding the Great Sword of Destiny


Dick Figures: The Movie

The Temple of the Great Sword of Destiny or The Temple of Takagami is the cursed resting place of the Sword of Destiny's hilt. It stands onto of the mountain near the Raccoon's son's restaurant. Inside the temple, there are many traps along the way, that seem to have a delay time in being activated. At the end of the temple lies the handle of the sword, along with statues of the Takagami Demon Army guarding it & on the floor, it shows a map of the world where the rest of the sword can be found.


Dick Figures: The Movie

It's only the starting point in finding the rest of the sword. Red & Blue enter the temple at 1st with great excitement because of how cool it looked. Once in, Red starts triggering many traps as he goes, while Blue's the 1 that must avoid all of them. Once arriving at the end, Blue's disappointed to only find the handle of the sword & Red, thanks to his floating ability, sees the map on the floor. They both get out of the Temple when they're attacked by Lord Takagami


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