DFTM Chapter 11-4

The Sword in the Takagami home.

DFTM Chapter 11-2

Raccoon using the sword against Takagami

The Great Sword of Destiny is the object of interest in Dick Figures: The Movie.  It is first mentioned by Raccoon when he tells Red and Blue his story, explaining that the sword is so powerful, it caused Raccoon to destroy japan, and get him banished, never to return.  During this battle, the sword is shattered by Lord Takagami, who became cursed to protect it from any one who'd want to use its power.  At the end of the movie, the sword is presumably destroyed when it falls into Ocho Muerte's mouth.

Known Weilders

  • Raccoon: The Raccoon is the one who used the sword the most; mainly against Tagagami for their battles against each other.
  • Lord Takagami: Presumed to have been the original weilder of the sword, as seen in Raccoon's flashback of him and father-san.  Takagami briefly uses the sword, until Raccoon knabs it from him.
  • Blue: Red and Blue are sent by Raccoon to reconstruct the sword in order to get a birthday present for Pink.  While both Red and Blue worked to reconstruct it, Blue held onto the pieces, and eventually used it against Ocho Muerte.  Blue is the last to use it before it is destroyed.

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