Terminate-Her! aired about 6 months ago, has created some talking. Apparently it is a spoof of The Terminator. But it has created controversity. Some say that Sarah Connors was sent to kill Blue, others say she didn't want to kill anyone or that Red is the Terminator and is gonna kill Sarah Connors. I watched The Terminator to see what was the truth. In 2029 a AI's are seeking to exterminate humanity. Two beings travel from this time to the year 1984 in Los Angeles. One of them is a Terminator, a cyborg being programed to kill Sarah Connor (notice the lack of a S) and the other one is Kyle Reese, a member of the future resistance who will save Sarah Connor. What I belive is that Red is the Terminator. Further in the movie The Terminator killed two Sarah Connors that were not the target. What I belive is that this Sarah Connors was one of the victims that were not the target. However those two in the movie were not spelled with a S in the end but that should not make a difference. What is unexplained is that Sarah Connors was actually Chad Cop in disguise. Tell us what you think about this so we can correct this 'issue'.

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