Red & Blue are friends. Kind of. They're also enemies. Definitely. They're just like me & you: they surf the internet, they play video games, they fight mega-huge-fire-breathing-dragon-turtles with samurai swords. Pretty typical stuff. Without jobs or much prospect for sexual salvation the 2 often become tangled in bizarre shenanigans as they battle the burning question of their time: what the hell are we going to do today?

Who are Red & Blue?

But, who are Red & Blue? Red is a (of course) red stick figure with a red backwards cap. He is nothing more then (a cool) asshole that likes 3 things, beer, blood & even more beer. He has a girlfriend, Stacy, that literally does not have a brain. 1 thing he likes to do is to simply annoy the hell out of Blue, his best friend & worst enemy. Blue however, is a more cool (not cool as that awesome-cool, but more chill) guy than Red. Blue is not a drinking guy as Red & he does keep away from the stupid & dangerous things Red does. And of course, he is blue. He does also have a girlfriend, Pink, she is (way) more intelligent than Stacy & Red combined.

What more should I know about the series?

As Red & Blue go on their (mis)adventures they make new friends (not really), some are just like you, and some are like that 1 guy you saw that 1 time in town. Anyways, the 1st friend of Red & Blue (ok the 1st friend, just Blue) is Pink. She met Red & Blue in Maulmart while they were on a mission to get the LOWEST! HIGHEST selling game of all time, Flame War. She fell in love with Blue while he "saved" her. Actually he threw a grenade at her & then he jumped at her & thus "saved her". They did have a date but it was ruined by Red & his girlfriend, Stacy. She is pink & hates dicks, Red & everyone else. Anyways, their next friend is the Raccoon. He is a "natures' a' ninja", he is Japanese and thus speaks with an accent. He is part friend, part enemy with Red & Blue. He likes drinking & playing poker (just like Red & Blue) & that makes him (I don't understand why) a friend of them. The very next friend is the guy everyone loves (they better do), Lord Tourettes. His name says it all. Then there's Mr. Dingleberry. He's not exactly a friend. At all. Just Red & Blue's landlord, yet they play poker with him.