Wild Kingdom
Season MWS, Episode 3
Dick Figures Messin' With Sasquatch - Wild Kingdom01:15

Dick Figures Messin' With Sasquatch - Wild Kingdom

Air date October 2, 2015 (Mondo)
November 8, 2015 (YouTube)
Episode run time 1:15
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Wild Kingdom is the third of the Messin' With Sasquatch series final of episodes and the 53rd episode of Dick Figures.


Welcome to Wild Kingdom. On this third and final chapter of the subtly sponsored Sasquatch series, we find that Blue becomes a fashion victim and Red gives treehugger a whole new meaning.



(The episode begins in the forest)

Camera Man: Here we are on a glorious outpine forest, bound to piss off Sasquatch with a booby trap.

(It cuts to Sasquatch walking through the forest)

Camera Man: Let's watch this crap shall we?

(Sasquatch steps on a land mine, as the explosion sends him flying away.)

Camera Man: Yes! Grand. Land mines are Sasquatch's only predator, besides film crews, and burrito farts.

(It shows Red and Blue walking through the forest eating Beef Jerky.)

Camera Man: What's this hipsterless obviously cool friend doing here? They have no bloody idea that an enraged Sasquatch is about to jack up their day!

(Sasquatch roars loudly, as Red and Blue run away screaming.)

Red: Get the fuck out dude!

Blue: Can't, run! Damn these skinny jeans, NOOO!

(Sasquatch grabs Blue and begins to beat him up.)

Camera Man: Seeing how the gracful beast handles the hiker, is an ass stomping we'll never forget.

(Red charges in and tries hitting Sasquatch with a stick, but he grabs it.)

Red: Uh oh.

(Sasquatch upperpunches Red into a tree.)

Camera Man: Incredible! (farts) Oop, sorry, must have been that burrito I ate. (Sasquatch spots him) Blast, the creature heard my burr-

(The screen goes static, as it shows the Camera Man crawling in pain.)

Camera Man: Shouldn't have gotten, sour cream. (crawls off-screen) Ohhhhh fu-

(Episode ends)


  • This is the shortest episode of the entire series.

Running Gags

Episode Ending

normal letter I's, the Dick Figures logo shakes, and shows the last part of the original DF ending logo.

Red Floating


Auto-Tune Usage


Last Line Being Cut

When the Camera Man says 'fuck'.


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