Yo Butt is a special soundtrack for Season 1 that is only available through iTunes. It appears in some episodes in Season 1 and in one in Season 2. It features lyrics sung by Ed Skudder (Voice of Red and Raccoon).



If I wrote your butt a symphony Just to show you what it meant to me Girl would you clap it for infinity Let me show you my affinity Girl I wanna see your booty It's like two double spiral galaxies Your apple bottom's making history It takes me out like I'm a Kennedy

Gimme yo booty sauce I look it over like a legal clause Wanna rub my face on yours Get your butt into my claws Wanna sneak attack that ass Got Girth like an overpass Wanna rummage through your trash Until I find that can

(Don't Give away yo butt) Buuuuuuuuuut, Girl

Your booty thunder's a cacophony I wanna come and sting your bumble bee Hey do you hear all that rumbling? It must be cause your butt is tumbling That's why they call me demolition man Stalone's done nothing like the things I can You are the center of my master plan Show me the crack up in your hoover dam

Shorty! I am Raccoon and I'm here to say Your booty fill up all of Tokyo Bay Those cheeks blacken out the light of day So ninja can come out and play

Don't give away your butt girl I wanna marry your butt Would you wait for me? Girl, yeah


Yo Butt (Feat

Yo Butt (Feat. Ed Skudder)